CORT First Friday Webinar (on Thursday): Understanding "Coerced Debt"


Please join us on Thursday, November 4th, (**Please note the new date) for a CORT webinar: Understanding "Coerced Debt"

Presenter: Professor Adrienne Adams, PhD

This session will provide an overview of coerced debt, emerging evidence, and relevant
law (and gaps in the law) with the purpose of creating common language/understanding
about coerced debt. The presenter will also share and facilitate conversation about
emerging issues in coerced debt.

Professor Adams is an associate professor in the Department of Psychology and a
member of the Research Consortium on Gender-based Violence at Michigan State
University. Her research focuses on economic justice for survivors of intimate partner
abuse. Currently, Adrienne is exploring the problem of coerced debt, a form of
economic abuse that occurs when an abuser generates debt in their partner’s name via
fraud or coercion.

For more information and documents, see the training event on the CORT website.

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