CORT First Friday Webinar - Using Affirmative Litigation to Create Systemic Change in Special Education: The Flint Water Crisis


Presenter: Kristin Totten, Education Attorney at ACLU of Michigan
Description: Lead is being found in schools and water systems throughout the country.  Since lead is a neurotoxin and able to harm the development of children it is best to prevent such contamination.  What do legal aid attorneys do when children have been exposed to levels of lead and are suffering from behavior and cognitive challenges?  From the perspective of the Education Attorney for the ACLU of Michigan, who is on the front lines of addressing the educational impact upon the children in the wake of the Flint water crisis, you will learn how legal aid organizations can help to prevent and respond to the needs of children who have been lead poisoned.  It is a burden that they should not have to bear alone.  

For more information and documents, see the training event on the CORT website.

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