CORT-NITA Pop-UP Course: Evidentiary Foundations



CORT has partnered with NITA to offer a Pop-Up Course on Evidentiary Foundations.

Pop-Up Course: Evidentiary Foundations Online 

This is a fast paced 4 hour "learning by doing" course. There is no prior preparation other than preparing to sharpen your advocacy skills. You will participate in "impromptu" exercises on evidentiary foundations. The exercises will hone your ability to effectively advocate a position in a fast paced “think on your feet” fast paced trial environment. 


By encountering a diverse range of evidentiary arguments within a simulated trial court setting, you will: 

  • Articulate not only the legal reason for the objection or opposition but state the relevant facts that support your contentions.
  • Work in a fast-paced environment that will be as close to real-time trial work as possible.
  • Hone your skills to be persuasive and reasonable within the short time allotted for trial objections.

Please bring your Federal Rules of Evidence. You can also access the federal rules at

The deadline to register is Friday, August 5, 2022. There is limited capacity for this training so please register as soon as possible at the link below.

Registering does not mean acceptance into the training. Once registration closes, we will work with each state/program to select participants to attend the training.

For registration and documents, see the training event on the CORT website.

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